A mini series highlighting the ups, downs and in betweens of pregnancy. As a first time mama, I love nothing more than when I get the real, honest, raw, beautiful truth with all things 'baby'. So, in an attempt to give back, I want to share real life snippets of my journey so far. This is my 'Bump Journal'. 

The Bump Journal: The First Trimester

As some of you may have already calculated, I fell pregnant pretty close to the beginning of our trip. Was this a part of the plan? Well, we didn't really have any plans for our trip in general, and while we were totally open to conceiving, we really didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

The Bump Journal: 25 Weeks (Emotions Running Wild)

IMG_4559-2 copy.jpg

We are well and truly over the halfway mark at 25 weeks (officially last Thursday)! The bump has graced us with it's presence so very obviously over the last two weeks. I definitely had that moment of "wow, that did not look like that yesterday" one morning somewhere around 23 weeks...

The Bump Journal: More Beautiful

I am just about 19 weeks now (officially, tomorrow) and can’t believe how fast the weeks have been flying by! Almost halfway - say whaaaat?! I am feeling full of life and energy these days (hallelujah) and the morning sickness seems to have said its final sayonara (even more hallelujah)! 

The Bump Journal: Hello Third Trimester!


We're on the home run people! 29 weeks and into the last trimester of pregnancy. It's gone fast and slow all at once! Sometimes I want to be at the end already, meeting my little guy, while other times I feel sad thinking about not being pregnant anymore. 

The Bump Journal: OH BOY

Well, well, well... look who was WAY too confident in having a girl... us! We got the surprise of our lives last week when our sonographer announced that there was in fact an extra body part between those two cute little legs!


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